I Moved to WordPress!

I struggled a lot with Blogspot’s blog edittor. While it was clean and neat (and more importantly, allows AdSense), I finally realised it is not designed for software developers. “Who would care about tabulation in a blog?” they thought. They completely forget about us, the curly-braces geeks.

I tried out WordPress one day, and I was fascinated by how it works so well with Visual Studio’s formatting. And of course, no problem with tabulation. OK, what’s the deal with tabulation? In blogspot, because of tabulation, I needed to use HTML editor to write the whole post, and write each tab as few nbsp! I felt like I was writing a blog about .Net technology in pre-FOTRAN era.

So enough of the advertising. Let’s get this blog rolling!


5 thoughts on “I Moved to WordPress!

  1. Hey, I’m rather new to WordPress and it seems like you have figured this part out. How do you format your code so nicely? Do you simply copy-and-paste from the .NET editor?

    My weblog has been blocked at work, so now I am trying hard to format a piece of code from home without the help of any editors. Any advice would be appreciated!

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