SheepAop Road Map

People have asked me what my next plans are for the project. So here’s a quick list of some works I got lined up for SheepAop, ordered by priority:

  1. Documenting and posting blog articles.
    Writing has always been, and will forever be, astronomically tedious and majestically mind-numbing. There has been zero coding activity in SheepAop for a good couple of weeks now since I started the documentation work; and it’s still nowhere near finish.
    Writing is depressing, often suicidal. That’s a universal truth. But an open-source project is only as useful as how much people know how to use it. So this has to be done as my utmost priority before I embark on any further development effort.
  2. Looking into all those NDepend inspection warnings and refactor accordingly. (I’ll blog about the whole process).
  3. SAQL Query Analyzer.
    This would be a fantastic tool to get a visual understanding on SheepAop pointcuts and various SAQL expressions. It will help the learning curve, and ultimately the adoption of SheepAop. One small catch: I’m technically daft and aesthetically hopeless at GUI design.
  4. CFlow pointcuts. Ability to use the control-flows of the program as part of your pointcut expressions. (e.g.: The pointcut of a dirty-tracking aspect should not match property-settings called from within the control flow of the object constructor). Based on AspectJ feature with the same name.
  5. Working on a few pointcut types, SAQL criteria, and aspect-lifecycles that are currently unimplemented (most importantly: the Constructor and Instantiation pointcuts)
  6. Add features to help unit-testing
  7. Support “ImplementInterface” advice
  8. Support “Mixin” advice

Quite a fat pipeline ahead. It will keep me busy for at least the next couple of months.


2 thoughts on “SheepAop Road Map

  1. the code is the documentation:). i believe in metadata. you can document the API “easily” (for certain values of easy). How to use it?… Not so easily.

    1. Yea right Benny,.. and the sky is as blue as the grass is green, unicorns all over the place, ridden by a bunch of happy leprechauns climbing their ways up the double rainbow, and developers actually bother to read API metadata 😉
      On a more serious note, I’m still painfully stuffed from the dinner!

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