SheepAop Is Now

I admit I didn’t spare much thought into the name when I started the project. I just simply followed the infamous Luk’s rule of project naming: “append the word ‘Sheep’ with something boringly obvious about the project”. Hence SheepAOP. It was just a random codename I picked for a project that was intended at that time as my own personal proof-of-concept on one rainy weekend. And I went slightly overboard with it without bothering myself to change to a friendlier name, and the name “SheepAop” managed to see the light of day.

It’s not a friendly name, and quite a mouthful to say, thanks to the double vowels in the acronym “AOP”. I’ve lately started develeoping an involuntary cringing habit on the sound of “SheepAOP” produced by my mouth every time I talk to people. And I hate cringing. Something has to be done about it. Changing my habit is a bit complicated, so instead I renamed the project.

So it’s official, the project is now called SheepAspect. It has found a lovely home at, and the source-code has been refactored to embrace the new name (which is obviously a breaking change). The old url ( still works fine and simply redirects you to the new address. So once again, say hi to SheepAspect, please help it feel comfortable with its new name.


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