SheepAspect Query Analyzer

SheepAspect-Query-Analyzer (aka SAQA, not to be confused with Sucka’) is a simple tool I built to let you quickly punch in your SAQL pointcuts, and execute them immediately against your assembly files to get instant results.

The GUI is quite plain and basic, but it does the job.

This tool will hopefully come in handy for developers to get into SAQL pointcuts and syntax. You just simply punch in your pointcut attributes on the text editor as you normally would on C#. E.g.

[SelectMethods(“Name:’Get*’ & Public”)]

You will then get instant feedbacks from this pointcut by executing it against your assemblies, which will bring back all the jointpoints it picks up (i.e.: all public methods with names starting with ‘Get’). Since it takes standard syntax of C# attributes, once you’re happy with the result, you can just copy this line straight onto your C# class.

You can type in as many pointcuts as you wish on the text-editor. You can also define aliases using ‘=’. E.g.:

[SelectMethods(“Name:’Get*’ & Public & InType:@NhConfigTypes”)]
NhConfigTypes = [SelectTypes(“Namespace: ‘NHibernate.Cfg*’”)]

Those pointcuts are equivalent to the following code on the actual C# class:

public class MyAspect
   [SelectMethods("Name:'Get*' & Public & InType:@NhConfigTypes")]
   public void Pointcut1() {}

   public void NhConfigTypes(){}

SAQA is available for download from the latest SheepAspect trunk. SAQA will also be included as part of the next SheepAspect release.

What’s next?

  • Keyboard shortcuts
  • Ability to save the progress of your SAQA workspace
  • Ability to view and open the source-code of your joint-points in Visual Studio
  • SAQA will be able to read from SheepAspect configuration file (that will be introduced, hopefully, in the next SheepAspect major release)
  • I have NO plan to deliver any intellisense functionality, but feel free to send me a patch

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