(OT) Land of Sheeps

I’ve been out (or rather, back) to Auckland for several days now. The sun is bright, and the sheeps are healthy. But apparently, my Australia phone doesn’t work here. Don’t even bother trying my old NZ phone. The card has died miserably in rust, although technically it’s still active. I’m using a new number, but hey, God bless email technology. So if you’re to reach me, you know where to go.

I have no idea how long I’ll be here for, but we’re talking about weeks rather than months. If you’re now in Auckland, I’m up for a drink or two.

And oh, I also notice I’ve got significantly better in packing. I haven’t stayed in one place longer than 4 months during the past 2 years, where I’ve spent more mornings in front of suitcases than wardrobes; yet it had never taken me less than a day to get a packed suitcase from scratch. But this time, I did it in less than 3 hours!! Less defects too. Well done! Once you get the logic behind it, and use the correct patterns for the job, it’s apparently not that hard.

I know, I haven’t posted anything for a while, and the only thing I’m coming back with is just about sheeps and suitcase-development-lifecycle (SDLC). This is so wrong.