TDD Screencast – Episode 1

This is the beginning of series of screencasts about applying TDD in ‘real-world’-ish .Net application. This series is my answer to recent discussion in .net-Indonesia list about using Spring and Rhino-Mock to test-drive .net applications.

Throughout the series, we will be building an example application using common Agile frameworks:
– NUnit
– Rhino-Mock
– Castle Monorail to front the web MVC
– Castle Windsor for the IoC, as opposed to Spring
– Castle Active Records backed by nHibernate.
– SqlLite to cover in-memory database-testing topic

I will also try exploring about using Linq for nHibernate, although I haven’t really tried it in real project.
For the first episode, I decided not to start with the application. This episode covers nothing but the most basic ground of Test-Driven-Development from naivitae point of view. Those with fair awareness of TDD might not get anything useful out of this. But this will set the base principle we will follow for the rest of the series.
It also (hopefully) gives me opportunity to get feedbacks and suggestions from you guys for the next episodes.

You can download the screencast at (invalid)
The screencast is available at

You will need Techsmith codec that can be downloaded for free at